Crossfit Catawba Valley - The Premier CrossFit of Hickory


Am I “fit” enough to do CrossFit?

Yes! There is no “fitness requirement” for CrossFit. All workouts are scalable to your abilities so you will always be able to participate!

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the equipment you will need. Just make sure to wear some clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty.

If I have a bad knee, back, shoulders, etc, will I still be able to do CrossFit?

Yes. All workouts will be scaled to your strengths and limitations. Most often, if someone is experiencing pain in a specific location it is because the muscles supporting the area are weak. We will work to strengthen these areas and increase your physical capabilities.

If you are limited by a serious injury, we can still provide workouts for you based on your physical capabilities and help to ensure that you use proper and full range of motions.

What does WOD mean?

“WOD” stands for “Workout Of the Day.” It’s an acronym used to described the workout that you will be preforming that day. There are also well known “WODs” that everyone knows no matter which CrossFit you go to, which you will see have names, such as: Fran, Murph, The Viking, etc.